Wednesday, January 4, 2012

30 Day Weight Loss Challenge

It's that time of year again....The holidays are over, lights are coming down and your pants are a little too tight. Lucky for me I just won a spot on Pharmaca's "30 Day Weight Management Challenge".
The contest winners will get 30 days of supplements and will do weekly check ins with a Pharmaca practitioner. For the next 30 days I will be taking Lean+. And because I don't want to be the asshole who doesn't loose any weight I'm going full steam ahead and cutting out all the bad stuff. Oh joy.
I had my first weigh in and consultation today. It wasn't really anything shocking. You know the usual, eat tree bark and snow, workout, and oh did we mention eat healthy.
At one point the woman suggested I have an apple for dessert. I used every ounce of my being to keep from laughing. Those of you that know me know that the day that I have an apple for dessert is the day hell freezes over. Over the next few weeks I will document my ups and downs and everything else that comes with this challenge. I'm excited for the challenge and hope that for the next 30 days the only donuts I'll be having are the ones painted on my nails. Here goes nothing. ...

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