Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Good Old Days

Here are some prime examples of what travel should look like.

"Oh yes, I've seen seen that!" "That museum was great" "Those are some interesting artifacts". These are all things that are common to hear after someone comes home from vacation. Not me! Most people are fascinated with a places history but I really enjoy getting down and dirty with the locals and seeing what the current day folks are about. No matter where I go I always seem to have a special and unique experience. While I've always wanted to have a "normal" experience, to come home talking about art, architecture and the great faces of history, my stories always seem to involve showering in someones front yard, pulling dead horses out of the river and centipedes crawling in my hair. I wouldn't trade any of these ordeals for the world. These "character building" experiences have made me who I am today and made traveling one of my favorite hobbies. (Picture from trips to China, Tibet, Nepal, Belize)

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