Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting to know ME!

Well, I have to assume that 99.9% of the people who stop by here (assuming I can talk anyone besides my parents into dropping by) already know me in some way shape or form......BUT for those of you who don't, here's a little background.
Let's see....At the current moment, I am 26 and 13 days! I work at a "start up" as an exec assistant. I am pretty much California born and raised (2 stints in Colorado Springs, CO and some travel here and there). I have a beautiful furry baby named Ahi (answers to "puppy"....yes, I named my cat after a fish and call her a dog). And, I'm just a "normal", average Caitlin.
What makes me an expert on the 5 F's?
Fashion: Given that 48% of my credit card bill goes to retail, my credit card bill alone should show that I am an expert in fashion. I love to have fun with fashion! Fashion is a great way to express yourself. You can't be afraid to try new things....even if people make fun of you and look at you strange. Trust me I've hear it all from my coworkers, family and friends.
Food: Mmmm, food. I love to eat! Not such a fan of strange body parts, but I will try anything once....and twice if it's good. From having my plate arrive with the spinal column of the chicken and drinking cool-aid out of 5 gallon painting buckets to Michelin star restaurants, I've done it all. I don't know if it's because I'm half Chinese or if it was just the way I was raised, but food always seems to be on my mind and a vital part of my life. Currently, I am trying to eat healthy (diet) without loosing the yum factor. Depriving myself just isn't in my genetics.
Friends: I have GREAT friends (unfortunately, my best friends don't live by me) but I am in search of more friends locally. Too bad shopping isn't a team sport! I am still trying to figure out more ways to meet QUALITY people locally. I'm sure this is the only one of the five F's that I could improve on ;)
Fur: Well, all I can say is too bad there isn't a market for this or I would be a rich rich lady. I have yet to figure out how one small short haired cat can create so much fur. I never knew I liked cats or even wanted one until about a year ago. And as you know now, as each day passes I am getting closer and closer to turning into a crazy cat lady.
And who could forget, FUN: I love to have fun. Whether it's international travel, shopping at the local mall or going to the Nut on a Saturday night, I love to have fun! I don't think anyone can have too much fun....well unless it gets you arrested, makes you puke or hurts someone.
Well, after telling you who I am, now I will let you explore for yourself some of my favorites!!

Fashion: I'm currently wearing! Love the DIY hippy vibe of these clothes! all your shopping needs only place that meets my standards for everyday shopping. Best customer service hands down! Lord knows I've put in my time here (yikes, smelly old lady feet, sandy kids shoes and dogs peeing places they shouldn't comes to mind...)

Food: saving my waistline!


Fur: a fur! Where I got my baby.

Fun: me explore the world one country at a time! you live in the Bay Area, come get your ass kicked by Jordan (one of the best in the WORLD) love that there are people crazier than ME stay up to date!

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