Monday, July 12, 2010

As If I Needed Another Reason.....

Baby, don't freak out, but I found another reason we should go back to Napa (as if we needed another reason). Napa has some how scored itself another delicious restaurant.

We all know Chef Masahaur Morimoto from the show Iron Chef. His Morimoto Napa restaurant in the Napa Riverfront development opens this month. The restaurant will offer a variety of dining options from the full omakase experience at the sushi bar to quick bites at the lounge. The fish will be flown in from Japan but other ingredients will be sourced locally. Some Morimoto favorites like tuna pizza will be served along with other new Napa dishes like the daring sea urchin carbonara (udon, smoked bacon, crispy shallots, sea urchin) and fig tempura (whole fried Black Mission figs, sliced and served with foie gras peanut butter sauce and pomegranate reduction). Mmm, drooling! The menu is designed to pair with California wines and Morimoto will be serving his signature Rogue ale and the restaurant has applied for a brewery license so housemade suds should be in the future.
When can we go?!??!

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