Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Watch I Might Actually Wear

Who wears watches anymore?!? Unless you have lots of money and collect nice watches, there isn't much of a reason to wear a watch anymore. Between cell phones, iPod and laptops, it seems hard to avoid the time. Well, here's one I might actually wear....but this probably falls into the lots of money category....
In Far East the Koi is a prized possession. In the US, it's a large carp that lives in man-made ponds, but the valued fish are good luck, and long-lived hobby companions to many. Swiss Angular Momentum offers up a new timepiece with a beautiful relief engraved Koi fish on the dial. The Koi's eye is a diamond stone, and the ground is done in black Ishime Urushi natural lacquer (from a processed tree sap). On this watch the time it told "souscription style" (whatever that means) via a porthole and a single disc that spins behind it.
Pretty fancy, huh?

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