Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BEST Strapless Bra Ever!

I found this strapless backless bra with the help of a lovely sales girl at Nordstrom....who I coinsidently when to high school with. This bra must have been made by some pagent mom years's such a great idea. This bra is made of a light foam material. It has pretty thick padding. It sticks on to you with some sticky gel stuff that's reuseable. Just make sure not to throw away the plastic covers that come with it! I've used this bra 10 or so times and the stuff still sitcks really well. It stays in place all day, no pulling the back up or having to readjust yourself. I will admit I'm not sure how this one would fair for bigger breasts. My guess would be that this one is best for As and Bs (keep me posted if you try). This bra is perfect for backless dresses or shirts or anything else you'd wear a strapless bra with. Best of all, the PRICE! Just $36 @ Nordstrom--> Nordstrom Intimates 'Infinity' Bra

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