Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've died and gone to heaven

So I guess I should make it public knowledge that I have a bit of an obessision with biscuits, especially Popeyes. Mmm, just mentioning it gets my mouth salvating and my tummy growling. Well, much to my surprize I was able to find the Popeyes recipie in a book. I haven't made them yet, due to my lack of kitchen and oven, but just knowing I have the recipie makes me feel good. Here's the recipie below, in case you'd like to make them for me :)

Also, today I came across this link: http://gizmodo.com/5520455/bob-evans-sausage-gravy-machine-is-the-last-machine-youll-need

Since I can't make biscuits at my house, maybe I need to purchase one of these. Then all my biscuity needs could be filled by one simple station. I must know, who is this Bob Evans? And why did he not come up with the great idea earlier?!?! Mmm, biscuits

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