Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cute and Comfortable

As women one of the bigger struggles we face is finding shoes that are comfortable AND cute. It seems to be something more mysterious than astrophysics. Something easy to walk in, that doesn't hurt or give you blisters, something you can wear all day<--- This is the winning combination. Well much to my surprise, these Betsey Johnson Polly's fulfill all of my requirements. These shoes hold up great (I've had mine resoled and heeled at least 3 times), they are light in weight, they are easy to walk in, you won't break your ankle, and you can wear them all day. Their secret? A wood bottom with some flex, some cushy leather padding and a rubbery bottom. Best of all they come in many colors, patterns and styles. Betsey Johnson Polly's are a MUST.

On the downside, I would not recommend ALL Betsey Johnson shoes. Her cheaper line called Betseyville is extremely uncomfortable. Although I love the pattern of my Vixon shoes, they rate low on wearability because they are just so damn uncomfortable :(

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