Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modern Day Frankenstein

I think most people have something they would like to improve. I wish I had a smaller butt, bigger boobs, etc. These seem to be common request these days. With plastic surgery being so accessible these days, people are using it as a quick fix. Things that you would have had to live with in the past can be nipped and tucked and and fixed during a weekend "spa getaway". People who haven't had any cosmetic procedures seem to be in the minority these days. One "transformation" we haven't been able to avoid is Heidi Montag, one of the "stars" from MTV's

Here is Heidi at the beginning of her "career"
The Hills. This is a story of someone who was nice looking before.
Here she is after being in the biz awhile. Clearly Hollywood has glammed her up.
And here she is NOW in all her current glory. After 10 procedures in one day.
Ekkkk! She looks like a monster. She went from someone who was average and not bad looking to a scary monster. More is NOT always better. There is something to be said for natural beauty.

Think twice before you make any permanent changes to your body. You will have to live with your decision.....or just get more plastic surgery. Yuck. No thanks!

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