Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Between these two people:
Ice T

and Amiee Mann

Who do you think would win a fight??

Well, in case you ever had any doubt. See what went down.
BEST freaking Twitter fight EVER!!!

It all started out so simply....

Hahahaha! Best come back EVER. Who freaking says that?....Ice T, I guess.

Ummm, you probably should have thought of that first......

Oh pullleeaasseee, it's a little late for that now.

Mmhuh, keep digging

RUN! Run while you can....

Yes, Mr. T I am going to agree with you on that one.

Was that not the best throw down EVER?!?! Hahha. Lesson learned: Don't mess with Ice T.
Did I mention what a wonderful actor I think he is ;)

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