Thursday, April 15, 2010

Renaissance Fair 2010

Mark your calendar and start planning! The Renaissance Fair is back. It will be at Casa de Fruita the 5 weekends between September 18th to October 17th. This fair is great fun and combines all great things into one event. Being outside with friends, shopping, a reason to get dressed up...what more could you want?!? Surprisingly enough, the thing I like least about these fairs is the crazy people in "character". I'm not such a fan of strange people with made up accents following you around. Haha.
A few years ago at the Ren Fair, some guy came up to my friend and asked to sniff her armpit. Who does that?

We also got a chance to pose with the highway patrol (notice how happy the cop on the right is...these guys need to get out more).

See you there!

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