Monday, April 12, 2010

A weekend in SF (4/10/10)

Well, another exciting adventure under our belts! Dave and I went to San Francisco for one night.
Saturday is a GREAT day to be at the Ferry Building. They have a huge Farmers Market going on. There were tons of vendors selling veggies, cheese, meats, fruit, and hot and cold snacks. But that's not what we had come for. We were there for one sole purpose. Recchiuti!! Racchuiuti is a San Francisco based chocolatier. These chocolates are out of this world. What I like best about Racchuiuti is their "truffle" flavors. Some of my favorites are: fleur de sel, rose carmel, ginger heart, lavender vanilla, star anise & pink peppercorn and pearl mint tea. I don't know if I notice a real difference in their (plain) chocolate compared to other brands but their "truffles" are FAR surperiour to any others.
Well, after the crowds of the Ferry Buidling we were ready to get away from all the people and decided to head up the hill to our room. After a short (and very steep) walk we arrived at the San Francisco Fairmont. Construction on this hotel started in 1902 but the hotel didn't officially open until 1907 (due to the earthquake of 1906). We have stayed at this Fairmont a few times and have really enjoyed our stays. This time we got especially lucky. Somehow by the grace of the Fairmont gods, we got upgraded to the $1000 a night Cambridge Suite (in the Main Building). The room was huge and beautiful! Really a throw back to how the Fairmont probably felt and looked over 100 years ago. Below you can see a video tour of our room (tour guide, yours truly).

Our living room (Cambridge Suite)

On Saturday night we had the pleasure of eating at the World Famous House of Prime Rib (thanks to Anthony Bourdain). Mmm, it was yummy meaty goodness. Huge cuts of meats with delicious sides and TONS of food. We had salad, bread, cornbread, prime rib, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked potatoes, cream spinach, Yorkshire pudding and creme brulee. And it was all GOOD. All things considered the prices were decent for the amount of food you got. Make sure to bring your appitite when you come. We will be back!

Dinner is served!

Dave's huge porition of meat

On Sunday after getting rained out at the Cherry Blossom Festival (2nd biggest in US, only to Washington DC). We decided to head downtown and do a little shopping. We had a great surprise when we got to Macy's. Currently, they are having their annual flower show. There were beautiful flowers all over.
These two displays were some of my favoites

Well, all in all event though our main event (Cherry Blossom Festival) got rained out we still had a GREAT weekend. Thanks to the Fairmont for making sure we had a beautiful and jaw dropping room. As always, we were sad to leave....but back to reality.

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