Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 5 Fs LOVES.....Nightcap Clothing

Nightcap Clothing has been around since 2006. The designer, Carisa Brambles, was brought up surrounded by fashion. She worked as a sales rep for several lines but then decided to design her own line. The designer was inspired by the idea of dressing up something you'd wear around the house (YES!! Duh, why hasn't someone thought of this before?!?). Here are some of her pieces that I love:

The sweet details add so much!

I LOVE these pants!! I don't know if I could pull em off, but they are AMAZING!
This one came recommended by one of my Facebook friends, Alicia. The girls got taste ;) What a cute dress for a summer evening
Another basic with a few twists. LOVE the back on this one.
Front of shirt above. Looks very comfy!
Again, a small twist adds a great impact.
I really like the cut of this skirt.
I hope to see a few of these pieces in the near future!

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