Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ts for New Pants

New lace pants, of course call for a few shirts. No one wants their booty hanging out (note that the pants do have some black booty shorts sewn into them)! So in my sick mind, that meant ordering $700 in t-shirts to find just the right one. Don't worry that's not my credit card crying, I knew at least 90% of them wouldn't work. Well, I tried all different brands: Velvet, Only Hearts, C&C, Splendid, Wilt, T by Alexander Wang, and Vince. Here are the two winners:

This one is by Wilt, it's their boyfriend t. I ended up ordering a lot of gray shirts, but most of them looked too drab. Although this color isn't too exciting it's enough to add a pop. Unlike the gray, it doesn't look so pj-ish. It's a little hard to tell because of the placement of the models hands, but this shirt is longer on the sides and in the back. The cut of this t works perfectly to cover up the shorts in the pants. It's also long enough in the back that nothing is hanging out. Warning thought, Wilt shirts are not cheap.
This is probably the more Caitlin-y pick of the two. I love the yellow with the black. This shirt, by Splendid, really pops and almost make the outfit a little dressier. The yellow really makes it feel like summer. The shirt is a thiner jersey and would be great for a hot day. I like that the shirt doesn't hang as low on the sides, helping to give the illusion of a longer less cut off leg. The draping covers all the right parts with out being too heavy. Only downside of this one, is your bra will stick out. Just make sure to wear something cute ;)
Now I can't wait to send the rest of those shirts back so my credit card can take a breath.

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