Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Everyone Needs Lace Pants

Well, the wait is over! My black lace pants by Nightcap clothing finally arrived. Verdict? Love em! Now obviously, these aren't for everyone but if you can pull it off....why not? I really like that the lace isn't so sheer, they are not vulgar. The lace is thick and stretches well. I will definitely have to be careful not to snag them, but the fabric could be a lot worse.

On the downside, they run small. I ordered a size 4 (they come in 1,2,3 or 4--x-small, small, medium, large), and I am normally between an 8-10. I would not want them any smaller. For those of you who are smaller sizes, you still may want to consider buying a much larger size. My coworker, who's normally a small or medium definitely fit the large. The large wasn't too big on her, the lace was just looser. Also note that these pants need to be dry cleaned. Finally, if you have short legs you will definitely have to hem these. I am 5'6" and these pants definitely need to be taken up a few inches.....even with heels I think they'd be too long.

Overall these are a great buy for summer. Where em to the beach, out to the bar or just bumming around on the weekends.
PS- Yay! It's my 100th post! Here's to a 100,000,000 more ;)

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