Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated Uggs

I know that most of you think Uggs and think ugly (especially you gentlemen folk out there)....but until you try them you can't talk shit. I love my Uggs no matter what they look like. They are for all those times when you can't wear flip flops (which in CA is just a few days out of the year). Well, Ugg is coming out with some new fall boots and such. Here are some of my favs....
I know that most of you are probably groaning but I like em.
I think the light one is cuter, but these are still cool
They might already have this style out. I think they are just a taller version of the style they currently have.....or have a few extra buttons. Nice update from the basic ones. For all of you who aren't brave enough to wear the furry ones ;)

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