Monday, June 7, 2010

A Manicure That Will Last

My OPI Soak Off Gels lasted a full 3 weeks. This past weekend I decided it was time for a color change. I went to the salon where I had originally had heard of Soak Offs but they weren't doing them anymore. They had "upgraded" to Creative Design CND Shellac. Shellac doesn't have a dry time, it brushes on like polish, comes off quickly and best of all, lasts 14 days. Unlike the Soak Offs, they Shellac is thin like nail polish but is totally opaque and doesn't require your nail bed to be filed at all.
I've had my Shellacs for 3 days now and they are still holding up pretty well. I like that they are super shiny and look like a regular manicure. I'm not sure how well they hold up in time....and to be honest with you, I will be shocked if they can last the full 14 days.
One thing I did like about the Soak Offs is because they were so thick, they allowed my natural nails to grow really long. I'm not sure who the winner will be in this competition. I'll keep you posted.


  1. 9 out of 10 shellacs are still mostly hanging in. The one that chipped, I tried covering with nail polish in a similar color. I think the polish softened the shellac and last night I peeled it all off. On the positive side, it did not seem to hurt my nail at all, I just put on freshpolish and it is pretty close to looking like the rest.

    But continuing the issues with Pinkeys, the cuticle edges of all my nails are not looking good, I think it is because they got too much shellac on the cuticles.

    They really did not know what they were doing at Pinkeys. I think this could be a good product if applied correctly. How are your cuticles doing?

  2. 9 out of my 10 are hanging in too :) Yes, I agree with you if they knew what they were doing it might have made it the full 2 wks. Elaine got some done down in LA this weekend. She said she would keep us posted on how hers hold up. I think the major issues is with Pinkies......