Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am actually at a loss for word for a second.
I'm not sure what to blog about on this one. I was originally going to blog about the cool theme and feel of the wedding....but every time I look at these pics I can't not be memorized by Christine Chang's photography.
The photos are absolutely stunning. She has done the bride and groom proud.

The bride and groom, Kristi and Anthony, are a rock and roll type couple.
The bride got the feather idea for her wedding from her own jewelry making. She owns a company, diamond willow, that makes jewelry that incorporates feathers.
Kristi was also inspired by her mother’s prim Japanese side and her fathers rocker tendencies which was brilliantly showcased throughout the swanky, stylish wedding day.
The wedding was at the Jefferson Street Mansion (built in 1861) in Benicia.
What I love most about this wedding? That the bridesmaids wore Betsey Johnson dresses and knuckle rings. What a cool touch!
Just by the pictures, I'm sure they had a rockin party.
Hopefully more people will follow in Kristi and Anthony steps and go for something fun and unique.
And if you have a wedding coming up, make sure to book Christine Chang for your wedding photography.

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