Friday, June 11, 2010

Stay Away From Pinkies Los Altos

Oh man, everything went wrong this time.....and I don't think I'll be coming back. Don't waste your money, go somewhere else. So I called a couple days before to make appointments since 4 of us were going together. When we arrived for our appointments, they told me they only had 3 of us down (not 4). Strike #1. So they started on 3 of us. My sister was getting a regular manicure.....the girl did a horrible job. There were blank spots and her nails were all patchy (some parts had nail showing). The girl tried to send my sister off like that. Her nails had to be totally redone. Strike #2. My aunt and I were getting the CND Shellacs. They finished my aunts nails and then had to TOTALLY redo them because they had used the wrong light to cure her nails. Mean while I spent the whole time waiting because they only had one light that worked correctly. I was there over 2 hours!!! On the Creative Design website it says that Shellacs should take 30 mins. How cheap can they be? One light for the whole salon?!?! Strike #3. Finally they were able to do my mom's nails. And again the girl did a horrible job. She was squeezing my mom's hand and totally missed parts of her nails. The worst part is that the girl tried to send my mom off like that. How can you not notice there are huge spots missing color?!?!? Strike #4. And last but not least, they said the Shellacs were better than the OPI Soak Offs. My OPIs lasted 3 weeks with out chipping. The Shellacs lasted 4 days with out chipping. FAIL. SO much wrong.....

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