Thursday, June 10, 2010

Clogs Galor

Not long ago, I brought you a post about the Charli clog by Jeffery Campbell ( Some one must have been reading because Jeffery Campbell has decided to come out with a few more versions. I really like all 3 of these.
These ones look like they might get dirty quickly. But they are very cute. I saw them in this fabric in blue too.
These are not your mother's clogs. Love the floral pattern on em. Makes em more casual.

Here's a suede version with flowers. I like these ones because they would probably stay cleaner longer. Although my light colored ones have held up pretty well and don't have any stains.
The only think I don't love about these clogs is they are a little difficult to walk in. They heel is pretty heavy and is a full 5 inch heal. Because of the thick wood bottom they are not flexible at all, hence being harder to walk in. Also, AVOID wet slick surfaces. These clogs+a little rain+granite floors= ice skating.

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