Monday, May 10, 2010

The 5 Fs LOVES....Kelly Hsiao

A while back, trying to find an anniversary and birthday present for you know who, I came across pin up photography. Pin ups have been around since 1910, but most of the pin up women we think of were from the 40s. These models exude classy, sexy, confident women.
Well, there are MANY photographers that take pin up style photos. Unfortunately, most of these pictures look like something you'd take with a girlfriend in the dressing room of Agent Provocateur. After much research (internet surfing), I came across Kelly.
Thank god, she was local and had super classy pictures.....of course, like everything I like,
her prices were higher than average. But in this case, class is definitely something you can put
price on. My choice was made.
After many months of working out and prepping (including a melt down from being Umpaloompa orange)
for the big day, it was finally here! Photo day! Who knew models had to work so hard!
It takes hard work to look good. I also found taking direction hard (hard like hard to do the action
she told me, not hard like "I'm so wonderful"). Needless to say my dreams of being a model got left here.
In the end I was really happy with my photos. Kelly did a great job! I would highly recommend her if you
would like to take pin up pics. You can find her info on her blog:
PS-If anyone needs clothes for pin up photos, give me a call ;)

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