Monday, May 10, 2010

SO Great!

When you think movie star, actress, model, you think beautiful, skinny, fit. Right?
Today, the average woman is about 163 lbs and size 14. But how would you know that?!?! From the media you would guess that the average women is around 100 lbs, size 0....or 2 at the biggest. We always wonder "how would my life be if I looked like Jen, Angelina, Megan?!? ". Well, what if THEY looked like us.

When she's heavier she looks a whole lot more white trash.
Jennifer "More To Love "Hewitt

Megan "Not Quite So Foxy" Fox
Oh god, I can't even coming up with anything witty to say about this one.....thank god she doesn't look like this....and stopped dressing like that.

Bhahahaahha! I wish she looked like this! Then her blah personality would perfectly match her clothes.

Thanks to Annie for the pic idea :)

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