Thursday, May 27, 2010

Platinum Weddings

Since I don't have cable I'm not really up on current TV, but don't worry I still spend hours in front of the TV. One of my recent favorite programs was "Platinum Weddings" on We channel (or Netflix if you're me). This show showcases OVER (....well perfect in my mind) the top weddings. I will admit that most of the brides and grooms get their weddings paid for by one of the sets of parents.....and with that in mind, I have decided to divorce my parents and find "better" ones with lots of cash to spare.
One of my favorite episodes was the wedding of an Indian couple. Their wedding was a 4 day celebration that included cannons, a helicopter and a white horse. The bride walks down the aisle in $100,000 worth of jewelry and dress. Their first dance featured a snowstorm, to go along with their winter wonderland theme. Price tag you wonder? 1.26 MILLION. Try topping that!
It's pretty neat to see what you can do with an unlimited budget. The items with the biggest prices tags seem to be food and flowers. Some of my favorite touches were: having a candy bar, crystals hanging from the flowers, having a photo booth, walking down the aisle with both parents and of course, snow during the first dance. Big NOs were: pa systems (poor sound quality) and ugly dresses.

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