Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Sweet Shoppe Event (in Oakland)

After finding this event on Yelp, I was excited to take my mom for Mother's Day (since we ALL love sweets). Thank god, for getting free tickets via Yelp. I can't believe that some people paid $12 to get into this event.....it was pretty much a dud. We showed up about 15 mins after it started and there was a huge line....turns out they hadn't even opened yet. There was no one outside to direct people or to let them know the event wasn't open yet. Finally, they opened. There were about 15 local vendors inside giving small free samples of their sweets. I'd say about 75% of the vendors were selling chocolate bars and truffles. There were 3 or so vendors who had cupcakes, but they all had very similar flavors....and nothing to set themselves apart from each other. The best sweet of the event was the creme brulee vendor. Prices for buying the sweets from the vendors were alright, but you'd think that after you paid $12 to get in and had a tiny bit of their food they would at least give you a small discount. This event really needs a lot of work, if they are going to do it again. They should try to balance the vendors they have so there is a greater variety of sweets.....and they should allow people in for free. Will I go back to this? No thanks!

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