Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My New Bag....JJ WInters

Summer is upon us (even though you wouldn't know it from the rain we've been having lately)! And you know what that means, time to switch to your summer purse! I can "hear" half of you rolling your eyes at this (but this is why you love me, right?). My Marc by Marc Jacobs "Totally Turnlock Core Faridah" has held up well, but the beautiful pink color is starting to fade.

Enter, my new JJ Winters bag. These bags are from Beverly Hills and are currently being carried by just about all of Hollywood's IT girls (this bag was in Transformers). I was attracted to this bag because of its laid back, easy going feel. It looks like something you've had forever. And of course goes perfectly with this summers boho (bohemian chic, for you gentlemen) vibe.

On the overall "purse scale", I'd probably rate this one a 3 (out of 5, with my Marc Jacobs at a 4.5). This purses best quality is it's look. It's a nice dark leather (it's definitely not as red as the bottom picture makes it look) with a little bit of a distressed texture. I really like the look of the twisted strap...something different! This bag is deep enough for you to throw a sweatshirt or beach towel in. And I like that it has a dark color lining, so when you pen comes uncapped or something of the sort, you don't have to stare at a big stain. Best of all, it's hands free! Throw it over your shoulder or across your body. Both hands are free!

Now for the downsides....The opening of this purse is narrower than the bottom, which always drives me crazy cause you can't open the bag wide enough. This purse also doesn't have any sections on the inside, so everything is thrown together. One thing they also could have done with all that surface area is to add some pockets on the outside, under the front flap or on the back. This purse might not work for some because the strap is not adjustable. For me at 5'6", it works well across my body. One other thing that strikes me as odd, is the closures. The top flap does not have a magnet or closer on the bottom of it. Instead, they are at the top of the opening (inside)......which I guess is probably more logical because there is less chance of stuff dumping out or someone reaching in.

Over all, I think this will make a great summer bag. If you see me, let me know what you think about it. Hopefully it will stand up to my wear and tear ;)

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