Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Infused Vodka: The Final Chapter

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about infusing vodka. Well, here's an update on how my experiment turned out. If you remember from last time, the flavors I made (also, above from left to right) were: rose, mint, pineapple, ginger and ginger pineapple (and not on the shelf, orange blossom). After letting all of the jars infuse for 13 days, drum roll please, the hits were: rose, pineapple, ginger and ginger pineapple. The misses were: mint and orange blossom.

If you recall my last post, there wasn't much science to my infusing. I just gathered my ingredients by what sounded good to me, rinsed everything off, threw them into the jars and covered them with vodka. I shook each jar for a few seconds each day, during the 13 days.

Today, I poured the liquids through doubled up coffee filters....your lucky I had those or I would have been filtering with cat fur. I need a kitchen before I purchase "necessary" kitchen tools, like strainers. And gave each of em a small taste. Phew! That first taste reminded me why I drink beer.....and how glad I am that college is over. Flashbacks. Haha. Me gagging = not a pretty picture. I will continue to stay away from taking shots....

I think the "hits" worked well because they have strong flavors and there are no "undernotes" of plant/earth (chlorophyll). The ones I like, all have sweet taste to them. But much to my disappointment, they don't taste sweet like the drink I had at Thanh Long....I can only imagine how much simple syrup they add to cover up the vodka taste. I think the ginger, pineapple and ginger pineapple will be great mixed with some juice and sparking water. The biggest surprise, is the rose flavored one. It is surprisingly sweet and has a beautiful red color.

All in all, I think it was worth it, but I am going to be sticking to my day job......guess my million dollar idea will have to be something else :)

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