Thursday, May 27, 2010

Super Nails!

I am happy to report that other than dry cuticles (as you can see above), my nails are holding up quite well. As you recall, 2 weeks ago I got my OPI Axxium Soak Offs. I am very impressed with their tolerance for daily life. They have held up through: laundry, ripping up boxes, putting metal cabinets together, staple removing and dishes (all in a days work ;) ). What's the difference between a regular manicure and these bad boys? These look the same 2 weeks after I got them done. A regular manicure would have been long gone by now. My only complaint is that the clear (regular nail polish) that the lady put on at the end hasn't held up so well.....but luckily you can't really see this unless you look really close. One other thing that's a little odd is that I had a sharp corner so I took a regular file to it and it seems thin and slightly damaged around the area I filed. So if you have rough edges or sharp corners you might want to consult the pros on how to best remedy it. All in all, they have held up wonderfully, I couldn't have asked more. I will keep you posted on how the color change and fill goes. Wish me luck!

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